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5 Ways Travel Can Accelerate Your Learning

It’s no secret that travelling is good for our mental and physical wellbeing. Travelling promotes a holistic worldview as it (often) forces us to step out of our comfort zone and immerse ourselves in a place and culture that may be totally alien to us. As Harvey Lloyd put it quite aptly, “Travel is like …

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How Ankur Warikoo, Founder & CEO Of Nearby Became An Entrepreneur At The Age Of 12

If there is a wonderland for entrepreneurs, it must be India! Flaunting its massive population and rapid development, India happens to be experiencing a startup boom at the moment. What better place than India for Startup Safari which, as a program, seeks to connect startups in emerging markets to the fastest growing startup eco-systems in …

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Our Alumni- Benjamin Shaw & Matthew Henshall

In conversation with Matt and Ben, proud alumni of Startup Safari and members of our very first delegation in January 2016. Since then, they have successfully built BrandMeIndia together whilst continuing to work on their independent projects as well. BrandMeIndia is a company that offers editing, proof reading and translation services and has quickly grown …

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When you are growing up your grandma never misses a chance to tell you that the meaning of life is to be happy! But somehow every single step of your life you are pushed towards success and “being the best at things” rather than being happy. I have always battled with this disconnect of what …



Jugaad- the art of frugal innovation is almost a matter of pride for most Indians. The amount of ingenuity and creativity a true jugaad entails is oft awe inspiring. Source: dailymoss In a nation like India, where people are many and resources are limited, we seem innately adept at stretching out what little we may …

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Safarians explore New Delhi!

Startup Safari isn’t just an intellectual endeavor for entrepreneurs to explore the Indian business world. It’s about the experience and memories the Safarians build while navigating unchartered territories as a team! Here are a few snapshots of their Safari in the capital city of India: Nothing says you’ve arrived in India like being greeted at …

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Day 2: Team Egoss and Team Alterbeat

At the beginning of the day, we asked our delegates what compels them to keep pushing on in the face of odds and while their responses very varied- love for their work, need for growth and success, of seeing the impact of their efforts on their surroundings, by the end of the day empathy rose …

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Round 2: The Safari Begins…..

The SS Lions let nothing keep them down. After a long day (and what seemed like an even longer layover), it was awe inspiring to see each and every delegate up and ready to attack the entrepreneurial world. Our situation room for the day was Coworkin, Nehru Place and truly, we could not have imagined …

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