Half-way through the Safari.

The Safarians and the crew spent most of the day at 91 Springboard, one of Delhi’s largest and most popular co-working spaces set up by the founders in nearly 6 cities in India with the sole purpose of helping entrepreneurs collaborate and connect with mentors and friends. Through this visit, we got to experience the flavour of start-ups’ work culture in India.

The delegates met with many entrepreneurs hailing from diversified fields. While some of them used the opportunity to work on their start-up ideas, had enlightening discussions with many and took a tour of the elegant set up, others took turns to play a game of Foosball during lunch.
At the beginning of the Safari, Apoorv, the founder of Startup Safari, initiated an ‘Autobiography Challenge’ for the delegates. The task was to come up with the first page of their book. He saw the perfect chance at the co-working space, for all of them to share their write-up. Each delegate came forward to narrate or read it out.
One by one, we gave our feedback, laughed, clapped and wow-ed. Each story truly had commendable depth, passion, creativity and vision. It showed proof of strong and attractive traits in the young entrepreneurs who ultimately made the listeners believe that these Safarians will continue to soar higher and higher.

Later in the evening, it was time to have more fun! We drove to the Select City Mall to show the South African delegates the classy mall culture in Delhi. At the mall, everyone did everything, regardless of what they wished to do individually. When someone wanted to shop, the whole group went along. When another delegate wished to eat, everyone accompanied them.
It was amazing to see how quickly we became close.  We were half way through this magical Safari and we became a family already! There was a constant realization of two things at once: what a wonderful feeling it was to have the opportunity to be around such an amazing, talented and humane bunch of visionaries, and that in just five more days, it will all be over! Or will it..?

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