Uber, Oyo & 5by7.

One of the most delightful company visits was Uber India. I believe most of the delegates would agree wholeheartedly! Beginning with a round of introductions, as usual, the Safarians put forth their list of expectations from the interaction – where Uber is heading now, how did they cope with the Odd/Even rule in Delhi, how they handle their competitors and how to cope with government’s regulation. We also came to know about Uber’s major problems like quality control in terms of drivers, why they are one of the leading companies in their field, their vision for the future – to maintain affordable prices and focus on achieving 100% demand-supply and creative problem-solving capabilities.

The next stop for the day was Oyo Rooms headquarters at Gurgaon, yet another startup aiming big! There were several reasons for each of us to awe as we listened to the story of how a 17-year-old college drop out Ritesh Agarwal, the founder and CEO, worked hard to achieve this goal and continues to strive to this day. Oyo Rooms is a discovery platform for budget accommodation which partners with stand-alone hotels thereby achieving standardized and affordable accommodation. As it is for many, Ritesh’s desire of “solving problems” served as a catalyst in making Oyo Rooms a huge success story!

Visiting 5by7, we confronted the realities of the business world. What started off as a company manufacturing printed products, 5by7 has transformed into one of the most coveted makers of high-quality and carefully designed corporate gifts. They went on the same journey as any other entrepreneur implementing a start-up idea – made mistakes and learnt from it, had the courage to do it “right now!”, figured out how to meet the needs of their customers, how to know what their customers need and more importantly, that it is wise to make only the kind of promises that one can definitely fulfill.

It was a busy day with the work keeping us focussed on life, goals and career.
As we were halfway through with the ten-day safari, visiting one start-up after another and knowing all about what it takes to cross the bridge towards success, it became all too clear that there is a long way to go. But it was comforting to know that it is not impossible either. Just a strong streak of determination, passion and patience, it will be a success!

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