Entrepreneurship : 101

Despite a hectic previous day, we weren’t as exhausted as we thought we would be on the seventh day of the Safari. Having visited several major companies in the past week, there were just a few more left to cover. We spent the morning at It’s My Life Jeans Co. (commonly known as IML Jeans) – a personalized jeans service for men and women in Delhi. They focus on selling custom made products and hope to make their product the best by keeping the cost as low as possible. Brand promotion and increasing sales – are the major obstacles, yet they were optimistic about overcoming these soon.
This visit was one of a kind because we had been to start-ups dealing with transportation, food, accommodation, and technology, but the first one dealing with clothes.

Later during the day, we had a session with Apoorv, the founder of Startup Safari, and Anubhav, an entrepreneur himself. We talked about the importance of making trustworthy partners in the business world, how every entrepreneur should know how to foresee or deal with the existing or impending problems, what purpose your product exactly serves and lastly, how important it is to have a plan and vision.

As it became a habit by now, by late evenings we essentially took off our thinking caps. We gathered at Social, located in Hauz Khas Village. We clicked pictures, laughed, reminisced the past few days and recalled all of the fun memories. It felt like the Safari began a long time ago and it came upon us that we have just three more days. Yet, we swore to make the days come epic!

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