Let’s hear it!

“When we are selling our ideas, the audience must first buy us.”, said Peter Coughter, the author of The Art of The Pitch. We certainly did.

It was the day we had all been looking forward to. It was time for the delegates to put on their Pitchin’ caps. The past eight days had been all about learning from the best and re-living others’ stories. But the stage was all theirs, today, to pitch their business ideas and share their stories.
Since there were 10 delegates pitching ten different ideas and although most of us may not remember a vast majority of what they said, upon reflection, we would remember the impression and impact they had created by how they said it. We had heard each of them talk about it several times before but it felt like we were hearing everything for the first time like they were merely sharing everything with the audience and as if getting across their ideas just to us would suffice. There was one thing about each of them that made them unique. Like Sam Musker’s impeccable language, Matthew Henshall’s vibrant and crisp presentation, Itumeleng’s anxious yet resolute pitch or Zebedia Ntini’s contagious cool and calm ways, to name just a few.
It was extremely clear that they were all experienced entrepreneurs with a vision and goal in mind and there’s no stopping them. They were determined to go back to South Africa and help their nation and the world become a better place with their socio-economic welfare-oriented approach.


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