Day 2: Team Egoss and Team Alterbeat

At the beginning of the day, we asked our delegates what compels them to keep pushing on in the face of odds and while their responses very varied- love for their work, need for growth and success, of seeing the impact of their efforts on their surroundings, by the end of the day empathy rose above all else.

Our lions today, got an invaluable opportunity to interact with our mentors, Neha Bhatia, Change Manager, Egoss Shoes and Kaavya Gupta, CEO and Co-creator and Gayatri Gaekwad, Design Director and Co-creator of Alterbeat at offices of One Internet, Connaught Place which set the tone perfectly for the challenge that was posed to the lions. Our mentors proceeded to enlighten the delegates about their businesses, what their start ups mean to them, the ins and outs of their respective niches, what works for them and perhaps more importantly, what doesn’t. Challenge for the day, was to figure out a path to overcome these problems. After hours of deliberation and brainstorming, the delegate’s presentations evidently reinforced what Ms Neha Bhatia spoke passionately about, Occam’s Razor; Often the best and the most effective solutions are the ones which are the simplest. Entrepreneurship is just as much about re-invention as it is about building something from scratch. Your idea doesn’t necessarily need to be novel, it does however, need to be ingenious.  As Ms. Kavya and Ms Gayatri put it, while your passion is what should drive you, you shouldn’t let it confine you; allow your passions to grow and change with you.

As enterprisers, we have the opportunity and, as we see it, the responsibility, to be empathetic; to understand what the need of the hour is and to use that to inspire ourselves to change the status quo.
This is what we, at Startup Safari strive to create; a platform for entrepreneurs to engage themselves in a world where they are compelled to look at problems with a fresh perspective, to challenge what they know and what the convention is, be it African or Indian.  We sincerely hope that today sparked an idea in some if not all of us who were involved.

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