Safarians explore New Delhi!

CENTRAL PARK DELEGATES.jpgStartup Safari isn’t just an intellectual endeavor for entrepreneurs to explore the Indian business world. It’s about the experience and memories the Safarians build while navigating unchartered territories as a team!

Here are a few snapshots of their Safari in the capital city of India:


Nothing says you’ve arrived in India like being greeted at the airport with garlands! In a truly Indian welcome, the Startup Safari team stood armed with an Aarti thali, Tika and marigold garlands outside the International Terminal to receive our delegates and make sure that their journey here begins on the brightest note possible.

We, at Startup Safari strive to not just help our Safarians navigate the entrepreneurial ecosystem of India, but help them understand the undeniably rich and complex Indian culture as well as all the values that accompany it. We aim to not only get our delegates exposure and networks in the business world but also help spark new ideas and inspire them. Understandably, these epiphanies are often not a result of hours of brainstorming, rather, they hit one on a walk through a bustling street, while chatting with a cab driver or even as one reminisces their childhood while watching children play in the rain. It’s this experience that we have always aimed to create for our delegates.


1236.jpgDelegates practicing yoga in the lush, tranquil expanses of the Lodhi Garden


Fortunately for us, all odds were in our favor as the delegates arrived in India on the most opportune days, giving them the chance to experience the best of the Indian Monsoon and International Yoga Day in the country that conceived it.
DSC_0250 (2).JPG

One of the highlights of their journey was the time our Safarians spent at Parth, an initiative to help provide education to children who otherwise would not have had access to it. Playing with and learning from the children was a truly humbling experience for the entire team and gave the delegates that extra boost of inspiration to help them along their journey.



 We are proud to claim that by the end of their journey, we had turned our delegates quasi-desi; by virtue of the slang that had crept into their vocabulary, the food that they eventually got accustomed to and began to enjoy and the rather slick bargaining skills they developed. That having been said, the delegates left an indelible mark on the lives of everyone they met here in India. Their stories, ambitions and spirits have inspired us to work even harder; strive for more and make the most of every opportunity that comes our way. We shall be eternally grateful for the opportunity we had to share their journey and see the world through their eyes.


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