When you are growing up your grandma never misses a chance to tell you that the meaning of life is to be happy! But somehow every single step of your life you are pushed towards success and “being the best at things” rather than being happy. I have always battled with this disconnect of what we want to be and what are actions/decision lead us to become.

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It was only recently when I was working with a group of young entrepreneurs who came from a previously disadvantaged background in South Africa that I started giving this phenomenon some serious thought. During one of our training sessions, I put forth the question to them “Why did they want to become an entrepreneur?”

While most of the group gave expected answers such as “Money”, “Fame”,  “Power” etc. there was this one entrepreneur who said “Happiness”. As it turned out, we spent the rest of the day discussing the role of Happiness in the life of an Entrepreneur.

Our interaction led us to few conclusions that have always been obvious but we rarely connect the dots. Entrepreneurship is fuelled by a desire in person to follow his/her passion towards an idea/product/movement. Passion is nothing but someone following their heart to do what they truly love. Love is a culmination of all the “rainbows & sunshines” feelings we experience when we are in state of fulfilment and happiness.

Though we might choose to look at entrepreneurs as rebels, I believe that every person who is not following their passion is the true rebel. Not everyone wants to become an entrepreneur but I am pretty sure (almost) everyone wants to follow their passion. But somehow as move ahead in life, we retaliate towards our biggest purpose i.e. to be happy and start running after means of short term contentment (success in a job, money, status) and struggle to meet our true being.

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Finally, I just want to conclude by saying that you don’t need to be an entrepreneur to be happy but you can learn so much from the way an entrepreneur chooses to live his/her life. If only more of us followed the entrepreneurial way of living, I am convinced happiness will become the journey not the destination.

Entrepreneur, Creator & a Happy Soul!

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