5 Ways Travel Can Accelerate Your Learning

It’s no secret that travelling is good for our mental and physical wellbeing. Travelling promotes a holistic worldview as it (often) forces us to step out of our comfort zone and immerse ourselves in a place and culture that may be totally alien to us.

As Harvey Lloyd put it quite aptly, “Travel is like an endless university. You never stop learning.”

His words hold stead and all in good reason too.

1. Travel helps you tap into learning from a completely experiential perspective.

You can try to learn any language in the world from the comfort of your own home but nothing can compare to the exposure of learning and communicating in that language in its actual home ground.

And this is just one tiny example of how travel can accelerate learning!

2. Travelling can give you a better social science lesson than any school/college ever could.

Imagine you get to
study a certain place or culture by actually physically being there. If you’re totally fascinated by Roman mythology, you’d much rather want to actually be in Rome to witness the great Colosseum to understand the history and culture deeply than be sitting at home watching videos and reading books about it, right?
Honestly, how can a 2D textbook, audio or video provide us with a genuine understanding of the 4D world we live in? It’s as ineffective as expecting an 18-year-old to learn driving by simply reading up about it.

3. Travel can be an enriching self-learning journey because you understand the world and its various nuances from a unique perspective.

When we travel, we understand the world from a different mindset than the one we were internalized with.

We learn that a world exists beyond the little shell we’re used to. This especially helps when you’re a young adult seeking anything from inspiration to experience whether personally or professionally because the best learning comes from a make it or break it kind of situation.

4. Learning through travel enables us to widen our perspective and understand the world through a lens we might not even have tried to use before.

Living in today’s fast-paced societies where the click of a button can get us anything and everything we want, we rarely stop to question why we do things the way we do them.
Have you ever wondered why we say “Hello” in English but “Namaste” in Hindi? They are definitely not synonymous because while “Hello” is simply a greeting to acknowledge someone’s presence in a situation whereas “Namaste” actually translates to “I bow to the divine in you” in Hindi and has a respectful and spiritual significance to it.

5. Travel, in general, is good for your mental health, and so is learning. A double dose of the two could be absolutely brilliant for your well-being then!


That wasn’t gibberish or something we made up, I swear. It’s actually been proven that travelling is good for your mental health and learning can help your mental health too so if you get to experience learning through travel, it would probably be the most enriching experience you could have!

But learning through travel isn’t just an open-ended philosophical concept with no practical usage.

At Ingenious Faces, we strive to make it a reality through our highly immersive Global Learning Programs.

Coming January 2019, we start the year with one of our Global Learning Programs in the land of innovation and technological advancement itself – DUBAI. So what better opportunity to exploit your intellect as best you can and learn in the oasis of knowledge and growth?

You can apply here if you’re interested. And you can read more about the program here!

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